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Alien Atmosphere is an alternative rock and pop band comprised of identical twin brothers, Nick and Matt Kwilosz, based in Tucson, Arizona. Alien Atmosphere is a premiere opening act band. Alien Atmosphere has played along side with Awolnation, The Offspring, Jimmy Eat World, Anberlin, Neon Trees, and Pop Evil.

Nick Kwilosz who is right-handed and one minute older, is the lead singer. Nick plays the guitar and bass. At the early age of 12, Nick started writing songs. Nick won his first songwriting competition at the age of 14, beating out teens and adults.

Matt Kwilosz who is left handed, is the drummer. Matt is a self-taught drummer. In addition to playing drums, Matt is an accomplished body-builder, who won his first body-building competition, Arizona Men’s Physique at the age of 19 years old.

Matt landed his first supplement sponsor and was also featured on the cover of Muscle and Body Magazine also at 19 years old. Nick and Matt are Arizona natives and both are songwriters. They learned various aspects of the music industry from their grandfather, Lloyd Conger, who is an accomplished Blues and Country singer-songwriter. In their spare time, Nick and Matt buy, restore and sell classic cars.

''A good melody can save a life, but a great song can save the world.''

– Nick Kwilosz



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